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   Therapeutic Antibody Discovery & Development

This service package provides an integrated solution from a protein target name to the expressed antibodies with specific biological activities; a protein target name or sequence will be provided by a client, and we then express the protein in CHO or E. coli cells (depending on the structure of the protein) in a format that can facilitate the screening of hybridoma as well as the purification of the specific antibodies. The high-affinity and high potency antibodies based on the immunological and biochemical assay results will be sequenced, followed by humanization (and optionally affinity maturation) to generate humanized antibodies sequences. CHO antibody expression cell lines will be generated, and we then purify antibodies to homogeneity and carry out structural characterization as well as immunological and biochemical studies. Optionally we can carry out animal studies by collaborating with third parties.

We have developed the proprietary technologies for antigen design, immunization and screening high affinity antibodies against the extracellular domains of those difficult drug targets. We are experienced in developing the right formats of antigens and sensitive screening methods to generate monoclonal antibodies against difficult targets.

The focus of this service is the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics to difficult drug targets, such as ion channels and GPCRs, which are very promising targets for the development of antibody drugs, antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC), and CAR-T. However, due to their complex protein structure, difficulty in protein expression and purification, and small extracellular domains, it is very difficult to generate antibodies specifically against the extracellular domains of those targets. Our cutting edge technology and decades of experience in protein and antibody design and expression and analysis is the most important factor in addressing these challenges in antibody therapeutic discovery and development.

Process Flow Diagram:

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Development of Antibody drug, Antibody-Drug-Conjugate (ADC), CAR-T

Clients Input: a protein or nanobody amino acid sequence.
Deliverable: expressed and purified protein at the amount requested by the client.

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