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Complete Profiling of Complex Protein Mixture


It is not unusual that important protein on a gel are only appear as very faint bands or even totally submerged in background. So it becomes a challenging task to cut out the bands of interest for protein identification. Also, if contaminants are present in a sample at high concentration, direct analysis a protein solution mixture by LC-MS/MS will saturate its resolving power and lead to missing many important proteins present in the sample at low concentration.

To help our customers to get a complete analysis of the protein samples they isolated without missing important low abundant proteins, we provide a complete protein profiling service at a deep discount (>35%), and it will save our customer significant amount of time in running SDS-PAGE, staining and cutting out gel bands. In this service package, we'll run a SDS-PAGE, stain the gel, cut out all intense gel bands and then slice all the remaining gel lanes (typically generating 20-30 gel bands). Each gel band will be digested and resulted peptides will be analyzed by our ultra-sensitive Nano LC-MS/MS to identify all proteins in a gel slice. A list of up to 400 proteins in the solution sample will be reported to our customer.

Our customer can also choose an optional service to determine the relative amount (percentage) of individual protein species in the mixture.  


1、Sample preparation and run SDS-PAGE.

2、Densitometric measurement. (Optional)

3、Cut out intense band and slice the rest gel lane.

4、Follow the procedure of protein identification of gel samples.

Sample Requirement

  • There is NO need to concentrate sample.

  • Please avoid any keratin contamination.