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Peptide Mapping

ProtTech provides LC/MS/MS-based peptide mapping service for the confirmation of protein primary structure. By using multiple proteolytic digestions and MS/MS based peptide sequencing, we guarantee a complete sequence coverage and highly reliable sequence assignments. 

In our peptide mapping service, each protein sample is digested with 2-4 proteolytic enzymes (depending on the sequencing of protein) and the resulted peptide mixture is then analyzed by LC/MS/MS. The MS/MS data is then searched by proprietary PepMap software to generate a peptide map from each digestion, and results from all digestions are combined to generate a complete map that covers 100% of a protein sequence. Please contact us if you are interest in this service.

Technical Advantages

i). The Combination of specific and non-specific proteolytic digestions enables us to achieve a 100% sequence coverage for every protein of interest.

ii). Assignment of each peptide based on HPLC, MS, and MS/MS fingerprint data makes our sequence assignment much more confident than that based on only HPLC profile or MS data.

Service Terms

Sample Requirement: We typical need >20ug of protein with >80% purity for peptide analysis. Gel sample is acceptable, but cysteine alkylation of the protein sample is required before running a gel.

Turnaround Time: Normally 2-weeks

Price:  The price of peptide mapping service will depend on protein size and its particular sequence, purity and available amount, as well as the specific requirements of our client.  We’ll work out an optimal procedure for each project based on that information. Please send us your sample information and we’ll send you a formal quote within 12 hours.  Also please contact us if you need sign confidentiality agreement with us before sending out your sample information.