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Technical Notes (Technical Notes)

The purpose of the technical notes is to offer some in-depth discussion about technical issues related to proteomic technologies, to give our customers some better understanding of the scientific background related to our proteomics service, and to provide some practical guidelines which may help our customers in preparing samples for our proteomics services. Please contact us if you have some technique question but couldn’t get a satisfactory answer from information provided here.

Protein identification

Protein identification in the study of protein-protein interactions     [pdf]

Two different Methods in Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry     [pdf]

Protein Purification For the Study of Protein-Protein Interaction     [pdf]

Concentrating samples for protein identification     [pdf]

Gel Electrophoresis Separation for Protein Identification     [pdf]

Staining A Gel For Protein Identification     [pdf]

Cutting A Gel Band for Protein Identification     [pdf]

Cysteine Alkylation Before SDS-PAGE     [pdf]

Protein Post-translational Modification

Identification of Phosphorylation Sites     pdf]

Phosphopeptide Mapping by Alkaline Phosphatase Treatment and MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry     [pdf]

Determining Phosphorylation Sites by LC-MS/MS     [pdf]