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MWt Measurement

ProtTech provides LC/MS/MS-based accurate mass measurement service for the confirmation of protein primary structure as well as glycoforms or any other PTMs. By using high resolution LCMS, we guarantee an accurate mass measurement for both light and heavy chain. 

There are four types of measurement:
1. Intact mass measurement with deliverable being the average mass of the antibody.
2. Average MW of Glycoforms.
3. Reduced mass measurement with deliverables being the monoisotopic mass of light chain and average mass of heavy chain.
4. FAB mass measurement for certain mAb to report monoisotopic mass for both light and heavy chain.
Please contact us if you are interest in this service.

Technical Advantages

i). The combination of high resolution mass spectrometry and specific enzymatic digestion enable us to get monoisotopic mass for both light and heavy chain.

ii). Data analysis is through ThermoFisher BioPharma Finder.

Service Terms

Sample Requirement: We typical need >400ug of protein with >80% purity for accurate mass analysis.

Turnaround Time: Normally 2-weeks

Price:  The price of accurate mass measurement service will depend on protein size and its particular sequence, purity and available amount, as well as the specific requirements of our client.  We’ll work out an optimal procedure for each project based on that information. Please send us your sample information and we’ll send you a formal quote within 12 hours.  Also please contact us if you need sign confidentiality agreement with us before sending out your sample information.