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Our Advantages

1、Ultra high sensitivity 

By using a 75 um inner diameter capillary column in LC-MS, the detection sensitivity can theoretically increase 3762 folds compared to a 4.6 mm column LC-SM system ((4.6mm/0.075mm )2=3762). Our detection sensitivity is further increased by using an ion trap mass spectrometer, which has the capacity to accumulate ions over a chromatographic peak, and is still the most sensitive instrument to date. The use of manual in-gel digestion also contributes to our ultra high sensitivity. Various studies have indicated that protein identification with manual in-gel digestion is 5-10x more sensitive than that with robotic digestion.


All proteins reported by our ProteinID service are definite identifications. No matter how many proteins are identified in a sample, each reported protein should have better than with >99.99 possibility if two or more peptides are sequenced or >99% if only one peptide is sequenced. In contrast, MALDI-TOF based protein identification only reports a candidates lists with a probability score associated each candidate, and only one out of those candidates may be the protein present in a sample. There is no guarantee that the proteins in the sample have the highest probability score or even presence in the candidate list.

3、Ability to Identify Protein Mixture 

We often identify 3-10 proteins in a single 1D gel band, with the minor proteins only 1/10 to 1/20 of the major ones. And we often identify 10-30 proteins from a solution sample. In contrast, based on the experience of others, and ours MALDI-TOF based protein identification is generally incapable of analyzing a sample with more than two proteins. MALDI-TOF-TOF based protein identification fails to identify some lower level proteins in such a sample.

4、Guaranteed Success 

We guarantee a successful identification for each eligible samples or it will be free of charge.

5、A Strong Track Record 

We have provided our proteinID service to a large number of 
researchers from all major US universities and many US government research institutions, as well as researchers from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The high quality of our protein ID service is demonstrated by a large number of recent publications in which authors have kindly cited our work in their publications.